At Golden Eagle Toastmasters, you improve communication skills by actively participing in various roles. Each role provides a unique learning experience which allows you to exercise your speaking and listening skills. The following are the roles which you will be called upon to fulfill:

  • Sergeant at Arms is responsible for the room set up and logistics. He/she is also responsible for introducing the Chairperson. If there are ballots to be collected and counted, the Sergeant at Arms takes care of this job.
  • Chairman is formally in charge of the mmeting. He/she sets the tone, introduces many of the people and is responsible for confirming the various roles held at a meeting. He/she sets the agenda.
  • Inspirator tells a short story to uplift and inspire his, or her, audience.
  • Timer (important role): keeps the meeting to the agenda so the meeting is conducted in an orderly fashion. He/she times all projects, from the inspirator to evaluator, and all who take to the lectern during a meeting. If a speaker goes over time during a presentation, the timer leads the applause to give the speakeer "the hook". the only time this does not happen is during an 'Icebreaker'.
  • Grammarian/Ah Counter (unique role) will introduce a world-of-the-day to help increase our vocabulary. He/she will provide a definition and example of ho the word is to be used. The grammarian also tabulates the word usage, counts any 'ums' or 'ahs' and gives feedback on interesting, or poor use of language.
  • Humorist tells a joke to entertain the audience. Being funny is not as easy as you think!. Being humorist gives us a chance to practice our delivery, timing and challenges us to find a joke that is clean and non-offensive.
  • Table Topics Master provides the subjects that give members to speak off-the-cuff on the topic given them. The Table Topic Master selects the person for each topic. This is a great opportunity to practice 'thinking in your feet'.
  • Table Topics Evaluator gives feedback to each of the participants in the Table Topic portion of the meeting.
  • Toastmaster will propose a toast for the evening and will introduce the speakers who have prepared a manual speech. Also, will introduce the evaluators of these speeches.
  • Speakers gives a prepared speech from a selected manual.
  • Speech evaluator assigned to evaluate each person who presents a prepared speech. The evaluator will determine whether the speaker meets the objectives of the speech and will give the speaker constructive feedback. This evaluation is only the evaluator's opinion.
  • General Evaluator evaluates all and any role that has not already been evaluated. The General Evaluator gives his/her overall impressions on the meeting and gives out the Graham Anderson Golden Eagle(GAGE) Award for the member who displayed "Excellence through Enjoyment."